CyCom Solutions Services

CyCom Solutions Services

CyCom Solutions, Inc. works with those who ensure that everyone in a bio/pharmaceutical or medical device company gets the information they need to make sales and marketing decisions.  If your job involves Business Information, Marketing or Sales and you need someone who can turn data into useful information please contact us.

Recent projects
• helping an oncology focused company gain market share for their flagship product
• assisting a medical device manufacturer in finding the best geographies for launching a start-up product
• enabling the Sales Operations Manager of a pharmaceutical company support a growing and increasingly complex sales organization.

What’s In It For Me?
If we had to boil our services down to one word, it would be “sanity.”  Our life becomes more sane when we are able to make good decisions.  Good decisions require appropriate and actionable information.  To get that information one needs
• knowledge about where to find relevant data
• expertise in extracting the useful bits
• the ability to present information in a meaningful manner.

To turn raw data into useful information, we
• identify and evaluate data vendors
• determine what information is needed
• figure out how to calculate meaningful measures
• integrate and reconcile data from multiple sources
• provide customized sales and marketing reports.


We listen and ask questions before suggesting solutions.  We take time to understand what our clients need and find solutions that make business sense.  Providing the right information to the right people does not lend itself to “one size fits all” kinds of solutions.  Sometimes we have to research parts of a solution or adapt pieces to very specific client needs.

Because we specialize in more complex sales and marketing reporting needs, we develop long term relationships with our clients.  Also, we focus exclusively on serving companies that market and sell bio/pharmaceuticals or medical devices.  This allows us

• to quickly adapt solutions as requirements evolve
• to be proactive before questions become issues
• to continually mine data for new insights.

Since 2002 clients have turned to us as a trusted and reliable partner in getting them the information they need to make profitable sales and marketing decisions.

For more information call or e-mail:
Phone:      (913) 681-0717